Carrollton Mortgage Co. makes purchasing and refinancing real estate a refreshingly positive experience by providing very competitive rates and friendly service. Carrollton Mortgage's wide variety of loans means that we offer a lifetime of loans to meet our clients' needs.



Carrollton Mortgage Co. has the ability to fund loans as a direct lender or to broker loans to one of our many investors. Loan Officer compensation is the same for both options. This flexibility allows us to offer a wider variety of mortgage products than most of our competitors to suit clients' various needs. Clients love the competitive pricing and excellent, friendly customer service. Clients may apply online, and they may conveniently sign most documents throughout the loan origination process remotely using our digital mortgage software.



At Carrollton Mortgage you will find a workplace that is refreshingly free of drama. Anyone who knows Adam knows he's a great guy who makes work a fun place to be. We strive to make your new workplace professional, collaborative, smooth-operating, and friendly. We get the job done, learn with grace from let-downs, communicate in healthy respectful ways, and celebrate our successes.



Established in 1989 by Paul and Pat Carroll, Carrollton Mortgage Co. has weathered treacherous economic storms through staying agile and offering reasonable loans with honest terms. We are a small, efficient company, and we leverage the technology, underwriting and wide range of loan programs available from the country’s largest lenders. We have the low rates and program availability of a broker. We self-fund the majority of our loans, giving us the marketability and disclosure convenience of a direct lender. We thrive in repeat business because we offer very competitive rates, up-to-date digital convenience, friendly service, and a variety of loans that meet the changing needs of our clients as they move through life and make progress in their financial goals.

Typical loans we fund in house
Conventional FICO > 620
FHA FICO > 620
VA FICO > 620
HECM Reverse Mortgages

Typical loans we broker
All traditional loans with a FICO <620
Down Payment Assistance

Fix and Flip
Commercial Loans
Private Loans

Proprietary Reverse Mortgages


Carrollton Mortgage Co. works hard and smart. When you are with us, you are with friends. We are a team, and we'd love for you to join us.

Carrollton Mortgage Co. offers our Loan Officers:

No cap on income! The sky is the limit for your success.

Business generation training - Increase your business and income. Come here to get your production to meet the high potential you know you've got. Use our CRM not as a detail-drag, but to drive you into more deals! We provide business generation training through classes, books, and audio books with proven success. But it doesn't end there--we provide coaching (grace-based accountability support) to help you follow through with all you learn so that the high doesn't end at the close of a seminar, it grows with each payday.

Marketing Support - You will close more loans because of our support. We provide marketing support for you so that you can focus on your business production. We have systems in place for designing your digital and print ads, getting positive reviews from your highly satisfied clients, organizing well-loved client appreciation events, and providing you a personal webpage on the Carrollton Mortgage site so that potential clients can choose you and apply online. We provide the support you need to succeed.

Rate Alerts - We subscribe to rate alerts so you can focus on closing more deals instead of following every news report.

Higher Pay - Loan Officer commissions are high at Carrollton Mortgage Co. We believe in running a tight ship to keep our rates as low as possible and our Loan Officer pay as high as possible. In addition, we do not have a tiered compensation plan. You will earn your maximum pay from loan one. You work hard for your loans; we think you should be rewarded for your efforts.

Fast Commission Payouts - Commission payouts are twice a month, so you don't have to wait a long time to get paid for your job well done!


Carrollton Mortgage Co. offers all our Team Members:

Generous Holiday Observance - We all want a healthy work-life balance so we can work hard and play hard!

Employee Discounts on Residential Mortgages - Twice a year, employees may take a mortgage out themselves at par pricing plus a processing fee.

Friends & Family Discount - Twice a year, employees may offer a free lender's title policy to their friends and family who close with Carrollton Mortgage Co.



Enjoy working together but need a new environment and better pay structure? Bring your Loan Officers, Processors, and Assistants to Carrollton Mortgage Co. and see just how much success we can have together! Join us in Modesto, California, or be on the ground floor of opening a branch office in your neck of the woods.



Come work for us! If you love people and sharing the great news about loans that help people reach their real estate and financial goals, join the team at Carrollton Mortgage!



We broker loans and fund loans as a direct lender. Our Processors work with files from pre-approval through selling the loan off our line. We are looking for a personality that enjoys learning new things and being challenged. We try to offer an industry leading variety of real estate loans to our clients. This means that while most of our loans will go through our core investors, some loans will be with unique investors that will have different guidelines, technology interfaces, systems and procedures. Our success depends on our entire team being flexible and willing to take on new challenges to better serve our clients.

Carrollton Mortgage Co. leverages technology to make processing easier. Using paperless processing, e-signed disclosures, online applications, and secure and encrypted customer document uploads, we strive to make the process efficient.

If you love providing friendly customer service, finding efficiencies, and moving people toward their goals, we'd love to have you on our team!



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